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Monday, January 24, 2011


i admit i'm not pretty like her
so what?
does it bothering me?
for sure,yes it is..
i feel very unconfident wif myself
i feel shy
i feel that no one like me
no one
no one
but then,
how about dak ngade?
for sure,man words cannot be trusted..
i trust him but i cant put my hope on him..
for me,he's handsome..
n i sure,many girls outsde r lookg for him..
include his ex2..
i'm jealous u know!!
but i cant do anythg bcoz i'm not pretty at all
i'm fat,small,ugly..
what else?
u tell me lorh..haish..
however,thnk to dak ngade coz gve me happiness,love n a feelng that i cant express wif words..
for sure,i love u damn much,,

pls:thanks a lot my dear..i hope that we'll last till the end of my life...u r my everythng..

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