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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what u see?

what u see?
i see nothing?
think again...
i see nothing..
bcoz we never know what is in front us..
ur answer..
i see my laptop..
but dont u see what is actually inside that?
dont u ever think from where it comes?
who create it?
why u hve it?
who bought it for u?
dont ever say that u know what is in front u unless u know everything about it..
r u muslim?
yes,i am..
so tell me..
what is islam..
prove me,who's ur god..
what is he's character..
tell me what u believe..
prove me ur religion..
tell me what reason u r here
in this fake world
fake paradise
tell me what make u different from other religion?
why u chose islam?
can u answer me?
can u?
dont u ever try to judge others if u unable to judge urself..
who r u actually??

*juz remining myself so that i'm not to lalai....huhu

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