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Thursday, January 20, 2011

how is ur life?

how is ur life?
suddenly Q from my mom..
i ask:what life??
first time got that Q..huhu
it seems like i've to be honest..
i told my mom everything..
not everythg actually...
i told her about my financial prob,n also about my dak ngade
i told my mom that he use to gve me money..
n also told that he want to come to meet u this May..
*mcmla jd..

gler pngakuan brani mati..
but i noe my mom trasa...
ak bkn sngja xnk cter all my prob..
but look at our fmly..
sgp k ak tgk mak ak gdai brg kms dia lg?
sgp k ak tgk bil2 ttunggak tiap2 buln?
sgp k ak tgk muka ayh ak moyok jer
ak taw evrytime ak mta duit,ayh ak png kpala duk pk mna nk dpt..
ak taw ibu trsgat trsa..
maafkn alg ibu..
alg juz xsmpai hati nk susahkn ht ibu ngn ayh..alg mta maaf..
alg akn byr blik duit tu..ibu jgn risau ea..

*pls...i'm sorry

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